Monday, 4 May 2015

A Certain Brightness

So once I'd decided that the internet did not have adequate words and therefore required my blog, I had to grapple with the big old task of naming it.

Here were some potentials:
- Quillippa (Tagline: Philippa, with a quill.)
- Phil-up-a-Blogspot (Tagline: Philippa, with a pun)
- Pun-nough already! (Tagline: Philippa, give up now- the internet has enough words)

In the end I went with "A Certain Brightness"

Advantages so far:
- no terrible pun
-it expresses something

But what?

Hopefully it expresses something of what this blog will:

- that life is hard and darkness is somewhat inevitable.
- that there is hope in the darkness and that this brightness comes in many forms including, hopefully, humour (not pun-based, rest assured!)
- that this broken world is not forever- there is a certain brightness to come.
-  that our hope is, fundamentally, a person: Jesus. And he is a sure, steadfast, robust, darkness-conquering Brightness. He is the Sunrise (Luke 1:78) the Morning Star (Revelation 22:16) and the Light of the World (John 8:1). And He is the ultimate source of all our other brightnesses.
- that because our hope is Jesus, our hope is certain. It is in turning to Him that our faces are brightened.

Hopefully this blog will embrace the reality of both life's hardnesses, and its brightnesses. And I hope it will also point to Jesus, our true and ultimate and certain Brightness.

We'll see how it goes...


  1. Finally managing (while I should be working of course) to catch up with your blog. Beautiful and inspiring. much like you!

  2. What a kind, kind comment. Thank you for feeding back!


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