Friday, 31 July 2015

Swap Shop

The other day as I was running by the river, I passed two mums pushing prams. Immediately, my heart did its leap-sink-longing thing, as I felt the desire for a family. As I jogged on, I remembered a colleague at work, who frequently talks about how much he wishes he could still run. This in turn made me think of a blog post I'd read about a mum who felt she'd given up her "perfect shape" for having kids; she was adamant it was worth it, and yet still acknowledged the reality of the sacrifice and the pining for her pre-parenthood body.

As I thought about all the very similar and yet very different deep yearnings of the hearts of humanity my thought process ended up looking a bit like this.

Ever wanted to exchange: 
Curly hair for straight?
Or straight hair for curly?
Your skinny for some curves?
All your curves to be more skinny?
Shortness for a few more inches?
Tallness for a few less?
Some of your intelligence for an upgrade in beauty?
A little less attention for a little more respect?
Ever wanted to exchange: 
Singleness for marriage?
Or marriage for singleness?
Independence for company?
Company for a break?
Holidays for more success?
Productivity for a holiday?
All of your time for just a little more money?
A well paid job for just a little more time?
Ever wanted to exchange:
Certainty and security for a life of much more pleasure?
Free and easy living for the guarantee of safety? 
The day-in, day-out grind for the benefits of privilege? 
The benefits of privilege for fewer harsh presumptions? 
Amicable relationships for a lot more power?
Your high position for popularity you can trust?
Weakness for strength?
Strength for vulnerability?
Ever wanted to exchange: 
Your food to be in fashion?
What's in fashion for health?
Your self-control for impulsiveness?
Your spontaneity for wisdom?
Your wisdom for wit? 
Your wit for self control?
Your restraint for some emotion?
Your emotion for some stillness? 

Ever wanted to exchange:
This one thing for anything else?
Anything else for that one thing? 


"Thou hast made us for thyself, 
and our heart is restless until 
it finds its rest in Thee."


"Come, all you who are thirsty, 
come to the waters."


"I will give you rest.

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