Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Tracing The Rainbow

Here's a prayer I wrote when I was going through a bad patch. Maybe it'll be helpful to someone. 

Lord God,
Many things will happen in the next week; in the next week sadness will come, condemnation will rage and the future will gape empty before me.
I will feel angry with myself, and abandoned by You.
But please help me to believe that You are faithful.
Give me mercies for each new day- grace to trust you, to choose joy in that day, to bless others, one day at a time, one moment at a time. One decision at a time, help my love to overflow.
Strengthen my heart to trust in the triumph of your goodness in all things- one glimpse at a time.
Please Father, send your Spirit to be with me in the darkness.
Even when it seems impossible that you could- be bearing fruit in my life, through my life. Even when it seems impossible that you could- be preparing me for the future, redeeming the futility, bringing victory out of failure.
Somehow Jesus, here in the depths, let me know you better than I have before.
Let my brokenness be good for something beyond what I can see.
For your glory, 


  1. Hi there! I found your blog through a post someone shared on FB and I'm glad I did. I really dig what you have to say and how you keep bringing it back around to Jesus. My son has had some depression this year, and I have, too, and I'm just learning how to walk faithfully through it all. Your images are really lovely and I like the name, too!

  2. Hi Kit! Thanks so much for commenting! It's always great to get some feedback. Depression is nasty so I'm sorry to hear that you and your son are having to battle it. In many ways it's been the bane of my life, and yet I know I love Jesus more because of the comfort he's brought in the darkness. If he can rescue from those depths, he really is an awesome

  3. ... saviour! Praying you know His warm, kind goodness!


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