Tuesday, 17 November 2015

To The Darkness

Recently I've been struggling to write.

There may be many reasons for this, but the main one, I think, is that at certain times, words can seem more trite than at others. In times of shocking, incalculable horror words of wisdom can feel completely repellent and inadequate for acknowledging the weight and devastation of our experiences.

Life in our world is too deep, and big, and complex; too horrendous and yet too thirsty for hope;  too nuanced, too human for triteness. So although these thoughts are hugely influenced by current events, I hope they don't sound too easy, or neat, or trite.

There is no such answer for our world.

Yet, there is a person.

Like every person- Jesus is not neat, or easy, or trite.

He is unfathomable! He has a character, personal reactions, he has mystery, he has glory- and though he can be utterly perplexing, he is equally compelling.   He is not trite, for He has suffered violence, and death and humanity. When he returns, we will see Him looking slain. He is not easy because has said, "Surely, I am coming soon." Yet our hearts yearn with the cry of, "how long, O LORD?" We feel the struggle of the wait and it seems so clear that His return will be the only satisfying answer.  Yet Jesus- whose kindness is so abundant to have many more repent- will not be "neat."

And yet, because of this, because he's not an "answer" or a maxim, or a meme, because he is complex, in a deep, mysterious, hopeful way- He is sufficient for the depth of the darkness. Because He is rich and sometimes inscrutable in his wisdom, He is the light that overcomes.

So below is something I wrote a few nights back. It feels inadequate in many ways- but it is the Person of Jesus, rather than any words, who is the cause for real hope.

To the darkness;
To nights of bloodshed and of wailing,
To the shrill cries of victory from the mouths of merciless slaughterers;

He is coming soon.

To the murkiest of perversions that have long lurked in the shadow,
To presumptions that threats might hold the power to conceal,
To all that has soiled innocence, trampled life, extinguished hope;

He is coming soon. 

To brutality; 
To violence; 
To arrogant, aggressive minds;
To tyranny in cities, and in homes and minds and bedrooms; 

To meaningless religiousity and empty masks of morality,
To staggering pomposity that would patronise the truth;
To stubbornness and cynicism and damaging indifference;
To prejudice, to selfishness, to unashamed egotism;
To judgments laid heavy without meekness, without truth;
To devastating foolishness wrapped in words of empty wisdom;

To clanging gongs and echoes; to every kind of lovelessness;
To tombs; 
to graves; 
to every evil power;

He is coming for His victory, 
and He is coming soon. 

"Behold, He is coming with the clouds, and every eye will see Him, even those who pierced Him; and all tribes on earth will mourn on account of Him."
Revelation 1: 7

"In your majesty ride out victoriously for the cause of truth, and meekness and righteousness..."
Psalm 45: 4

"Surely, I am coming soon."
Revelation 22:20


  1. Dear Philippa,
    I'm lying in bed, thinking of the state of the world (and recent events) and can't sleep, so I ended up reading your blog late at night.. thank you for verbalizing all the pain/evil/despair you see around you (I feel similarly, SO much pain in this world). And thank you for reminding me of Hope :)
    Good night :)

    1. Hi Alex, thank you so much for letting me know. Big blessings in Him xx

  2. Wow. Thank you for writing, processing and sharing these words. Sincerely.


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