Sunday, 5 June 2016

His Steadfast Love Endures Forever

I think I may have gotten too familiar with this verse.

It wasn't until I read this verse last night in the context of 1 Chronicles 16, that I realised what a declaration of joy it is! David is utterly delighted. Praise the Lord! He is faithful! He has acted on our behalf! On OUR behalf!? His love is steadfast!

And yes, His love is steadfast, sure, unchanging- but it is also surprising! I am not owed this love. Not even close. It is baffling and humbling and glorious and powerful and it endures. For like, EVER! And for me!

No one wants to be that guy who overuses the exclamation mark. But if his steadfast love enduring forever doesn't merit its use, what does?!

The LORD Almighty loves us. Us!

His love is stronger than death and many waters will not quench it.
His love will outlast the mountains; it reaches higher than the heavens are above the earth!
His steadfast love has been LAVISHED on us in Christ!
His love was ours even when we were his enemies! His love makes us more than conquerors!
His a love is as vast as the ocean; it is pure, unmeasured, boundless, free! His love is deep, deep as the deepest sea and it's mine though I'm unworthy!
His steadfast love bends down and cleans the feet of faithless friends, his love cries out for forgiveness of enemies, his love humbles itself to death- even death on a cross!
Amazing love indeed! A love where the God of heaven dies for me!
His love endures even though we sin; his love forgives anyone who confesses.
His steadfast love endures forever: neither life nor death nor angels not demons not depression nor heartbreak nor war nor persecution nor anything else on all creation can separate us from it!
His love will not let us go! And it will work for our good in all things!
It is a love that excels all other loves- and this is the love that endures forever!

Oh for a heart that overflows in wonder at His love! That has power, with all the saints to grasp its height and breadth and depth and that so praises the LORD, and a for a heart that reads the statement with an exclamation mark.

P.S. Yes, a lot of the above words have been borrowed from other writers (Samuel Trevor Francis, Charles Wesley, C. Austin Miles, George Matheson, William Rees and it could easily have been so many more!). But what glory that each of them wrote, across the centuries, having experienced the same, steadfast love of the LORD. It really does endure forever. 



  1. A truly amazing Love!!!!!!!!!!
    And a love I often underestimate and take for granted. Thanks for the refocus lovely ;)

  2. Thank you for jumping through all of Google's insane hoops, and commenting! :)


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