Monday, 29 May 2017

And He Upholds The Universe

The reason this "Bible Bit" starts with "and" is not because I was trying to get up to the word count (#flashbacktomydegree...), but because I deliberately wanted to connect these five words, with the previous five... and then with all of the other five word packages.

God has spoken to us by His Son and he upholds the universe.
Christ died for our sins and he upholds the universe.
He himself is our peace and he upholds the universe.
Christ is interceding for us and he upholds the universe.

These five words are a timely reminder: God has power to do what He has promised.

In times where I've felt most battered by life, how I have needed this assurance.

The God who has said that he will be with me, that he has forgiven me, that he has seen my tears, that he is at work in all things for my good- this God, revealed fully in the Son... He upholds the universe.
He who speaks to revive souls, to give wisdom to fools, to give joy to the broken, light to the gloomy, gold to the poor- He is powerful and mighty: He upholds the universe.

I should feel a little incredulous as I ponder these words. This is meant to be mind-blowing. How could the LORD who upholds creation possibly be so gracious as to make promises to me!?

The Biblical writers did not think humanity was at the centre of the universe. They did not take the interaction of the LORD who made the starry host with piddly little humans for granted. They wondered at it! They looked to the heavens and the majesty and glory and splendour and ineffable magnitude of it all and it brought them to their knees in awe and wonder and worship, that this universe upholding Maker had bothered to make himself known, and that when he did it was with tenderness and care.

"When I consider your heavens, the work of your fingers- the moon and the stars which you have set in place- what is man that you are mindful of him, the son of man that you care for him?" Psalm 8:3-4

As I bear the weight of my brokenness and my bruising, as I face trials and tribulations overwhelmed with my own weakness, my own foolish, flailing powerlessness, four of these five words remind me of God's power to help me, for he upholds the universe, and the other word, and,  reminds me of His great, precious, gracious promise to.

How this humbles my heart! Oh the staggering kindness of a God who  a) has spoken to us b) by His Son and who c) upholds the universe. The Almighty LORD who keeps planets in motion, who keeps countless hearts beating, mighty tides turning, mountain ranges from tumbling in to oceans, has spoken to us in His Son.

 He has promised to be our help.  And he upholds the universe. 

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