Tuesday, 9 May 2017

He Gives Us More Grace

I say, 

I will give you all my praise.
On Sundays. 

At least, during the singing.
Definitely during the final verse of that absolute belter.
And during the good bits of the sermon. 

I will give you half an hour each morning, 
Apart from on busy weekends, 
Or days when the night before was full (of something that probably wasn't exactly giving you all my praise.) 
On days when I am tired, too: then it might be less.
But I will usually give you that full half hour-

apart from when stress 
and to do lists interrupt. 

I will give you my money 
I will consider it all yours 
until I see something that I 
really (am sure) I need. 

I will give you the last say, 
apart from when I give you no say 

at all. 

I will give you my future. 
For about two minutes. as long as it looks bright.
Then I will grumble about my present and I will give you bitterness.

I will give you doubt, 
and darkness. 
and despair, 
even in the face of remarkable reasons for hope, and gratitude.
I will give you complaints.
And sometimes I won't even give you that.

I will give you love
or at least, 

I will give you excuses for my lack of love. 
I will give you
deceitful motives 
and selfishness 
destructive words 
and hurtful decision making
and self-pity
and despair. 

I will give you countless reasons to condemn me. 

And even when I will give you apologies, 
and everything I can to make up for my cold, hard heart, 
Even when I am handing over my purest sorrows, 
and my most sincere repentance, 
I know-  
I will give you filthy rags." 

Then You, 
looking right at me,in my shame, 
and shortcomings 
and grim and blatant nakedness, 

"I will give you

I will give you a clean slate.
I will give you great and precious promises.
I will give you my Son. 

And I will give you rest.
I will give you a righteousness that is not your own, but mine.
I will give you a new life,
a new heart, 

a new spirit,
a new future.
I will give you a Redeemer,
And I will give you rest. 

I will give you hope, 
and a refuge; 
a strong tower.
I will give you an inheritance that can never perish, spoil or fade.
I will give you power enough for perseverance.
And then I will give you a reward for having persevered.

I will give you the right to become my child. 
I will give you every spiritual blessing in the heavenly realms.
I will give you everything you need to approach my throne with boldness.
I will give you comfort,
and peace, 

and joy-

and grace, 
and grace, 
and grace.
I will give you Jesus-
And I will give you rest. " 

"Come unto me," he says, and I will give you." You say, "Lord, I cannot give you anything." He does not want anything. Come to Jesus, and he says, "I will give you." Not what you give to God, but what he gives to you, will be your salvation. "I will give you"- that is the gospel in four words. 
C.H. Spurgeon

But He gives us more grace. 
James 4:6

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