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Day 27: He is Faithful and Just

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"But if we confess our sins, God is faithful and just, and will forgive us." 
1 John 1

This is a really personal piece of writing (which is quite something, coming from me!). I don't really want to say it's a poem, but it's not really prose either and I'm not really sure it's very good... BUT, what I can say is that the Jesus it attempts to testify to is so good, and so faithful, and has wrought for us forgiveness of sins! Hallelujah!

I am beginning to understand why Wesley wanted ten thousand tongues; one heart, one mind, and one lap-top is not enough to come close to expressing our great Redeemer's praise!

But with the heart and mind I have, here's this, inspired by the glory of Good Friday. Because of the cross, our guarantee of forgiveness is no longer mercy- but justice. Because God was faithful, God will be just- and forgive us our sins.

Good Friday? Definitely.

He is Faithful and Just. 

Anguished moments in a moonlit garden, 
Droplets of blood fall heavy, 
Each its own plea for another way. 
But because You are faithful, you take the cup: 
It storms with Heaven's fury. 
But You take it, and start to sip; you will stagger beneath its wine. 
Because You are faithful; you leave the Garden, for Golgotha. 
You alone deserve to stay in the Garden; 
You alone have lived with the love that makes You welcome there. 
But because You are faithful, to me, You take the road to exile, to execution.
You take that road so I can walk by another Way.

As you wipe your tears and see the torches approach, 
You strain for a joy set before: the joy of mercy?- More. 
The joy of justice. 

Because You are just, 
my darkest nights are free from the shadow cast by that cup. 
There may be anguished moments, 
but there is no wrath left for me to drink;
its dregs have been consumed, because You were faithful. 

Condemned before you take the stand, 
Accusing eyes and palpable hatred surround You 
and the wisdom of the ages is on the tip of your tongue. 
Echoes from eternity could fiercely consume each and every ugly lie 
that gathers, rages against you. 
Every false witness condemns you as deserving of death. 
But because You are faithful, to me,  you remain silent before your shearers. 
Your Word spoke exploding volcanoes and thundering waterfalls in to being, 
and yet, here, when You could defend yourself, you stay silent. 

Because You are just, 
on that stand I do not hear the verdict I deserve. 
I am defenceless;
I cannot stay my judgement.  

I deserve to be condemned, 
but You were silent, You were faithful.
The Innocent heard "guilty", so that I might hear "RIGHTEOUS!".
You paid every last debt I had.
And now, because You are just,

I am free. 
Above my debts it is written in blood that speaks a better word: 
It is finished: 
Paid in full.

A splintered cross on a red-raw back, 
Cruel shouts. 
Cruel nails. 
You are lifted high, in shame, and the chorus of Your agony is laughter.
Coarse peals that delight at the sight of a dying King. 
"Let God deliver Him!" 
But because You are faithful, you do not. 
Your faithfulness lets God deliver me, instead. 
The heavens slam shut.
You are faithful. 

Darkness descends.
You are faithful. 

A criminal is promised heaven.
The Innocent is abandoned to hell. 

Heaven turns its back.
You are faithful. 

You are forsaken, but you are faithful. .

Blessed Jesus, King of Heaven. 

You have been faithful to me. 
You drank a cup of mighty judgement and poured out a cup of mightier grace.
Thank you, my Saviour! 

You are faithful, and did not turn away from judgement.
You are just, I will never be turned away from mercy.
You are faithful, and you were forsaken. 

You are just, and I am welcomed home.

"God presented Christ as a sacrifice of atonement,through the shedding of his blood... he did it to demonstrate his righteousness at the present time, so as to be just and the one who justifies those who have faith in Jesus." Romans 3:25-26 

"Through your tears, comes our joy
From your death our life shall spring,
By Your resurrection power, we shall rise..."
Graham Kendrick, Come and See 

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