Sunday, 14 January 2018

Six Posts on Depression and Hope

Here are a few posts on depression that I thought might be helpful to put in one place.

1) Bite- Sized Advice for Days of Darkness: I wrote this post whilst sat in a mildly helpful seminar on depression, trying to figure out what I really needed to hear amid the darkness.

2) Bite- Sized Advice for Friends of the Depressed : this post is largely based on observations of what I've found helpful (and what I haven't) when things have been tough.

3) He Will Do Good Anyway: this has been the bottom line when I've felt pretty rock bottom; when even trying to grasp some shred of truth seems to be beyond me!

4) God Has Spoken to Us: I wrote this post while I was on sick leave for depression: so I was definitely in the pit, but I did find these words extraordinarily comforting.

5) Hope on Hopeless Mornings: when I'm aware of everything I am not, I am inexpressibly grateful for all God is!

6) Dear Depression: This is a testimony of my life with depression, and of Jesus' power to redeem.

And if you fancy more....

Bite- Sized Bible for Bruised Believers: a thirty day devotional, with all the posts written with the experience of depression in mind- and of course Jesus, who is the One stronger than depression.

Hope they are of help to you or loved ones in the battle: a battle that, however it may feel, is temporary. Winter turns to spring, darkness turns to light, night turns to morning, mourning turns to joy.

Big love,
Philippa xx 


  1. At 11.25 I felt the Lord say, read Philippa's blog! I have and it is a real blessing for me at this time. Thank you xx

  2. At 11.25 the Lord told me to read Philippa's blog! I have and it is has been a real blessing for me. Thank you, Elaine xx


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